Creating Revival Culture in Every day Life!

We believe this is where it all starts!

Discover Identity

Love People

Experience God

In 1969, a small group of men got together and decided "there has to be more". They believed there was more for the church, more for life of a believer. So, they started a new church with the vision to see more. That is how we began. We have been believing there was more ever since.

Our mission statement: Creating revival culture in every day life. Revival is a word thrown around in church culture. When we think of Revival, we think of people getting saved, miracles, excitement. These are things that should be a part of every day life.

Our mission statement: Experiencing God, discovering Identity, and loving people.

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We don't want you to stop when you experience God! We want that experience to take you into discovering who you were created to be!

This is the step where you go beyond being a consumer. You actually take part in the Kingdom of God by loving and serving people!

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