Eddy Turner- Supernatural

This group is for those that are ready to take that next step and apply the ministry practices taught at Faith Community Church. This group will be showing you a Kingdom Life, and how that means we can operate.

John Belangia- Book Club

Monday nights at 7. Book Club will be going through the book “Altar Ego” by Craig Groeschel during the fall semester. 

Hamilton Dawkins- Men’s Prayer

Friday mornings at 6:30. Every Friday morning, you can gather together over breakfast at the Home Cafe to pray with a group of men.

Jason Powell- Freedom Night 

Wednesdays at 7. If you need to find freedom, or if you want to remain free, this group is for you.

Dave Rackley- Answers In Genesis

Sunday mornings at 9:30. Journey through the book of Genesis to learn from the narrative of creation, the flood, and the covenant God made beginning with Abraham.

Trevin Burris- Love And Respect 

Mondays at 7. This group is a group for people to strengthen and/or restore their marriage. This group is for anyone who wants a strong marriage, whether your marriage is currently strong or weak. 

Amy Wheeler- Game Night Group

This is an interest group for those of you who like to connect by playing games in a home.

Neal and Paige Reed- Psalms Group 

Thursday nights at 6:30. This group will take you through the power and beauty of the Psalms. 

Amanda Morris- Women’s Book Study Thursday nights at 6. In this group you will go through the book “Soul Detox” by Craig Groeschel.

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John Belangia- Acts

Wednesday nights at 7. In this group, you will journey through the book of Acts line by line to see what lessons we can learn from the birth of the church.

Karen Lewis- Overcomers

This group will be a connecting point for anyone who needs true healing. This healing process will be focused on mind, body, and soul. 

Clay Turner- Golf Group

Sundays at 3. This group is an interest based group for those who just want to connect while enjoying a round of golf.

Community Groups

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