frequently asked questions

Creating Revival Culture in Everyday Life!

What do people normally wear?
At Faith Community, you will find the gambit of dress: from hipster to casual and even a few people in suits. Come as you are comfortable dressing for a Sunday Service and know that no matter what you wear you will be treated with the same sense of hospitality.

Why is worship so enthusiastic?
We believe that worship involves the whole person: mind, body, and soul. The joy we have kindled in our heart by God is allowed to overflow with expressions of raised hands, corporate prayers, jumping, and dancing, all in celebration of the One who has redeemed us through his victorious life, death, and resurrection.

Are you part of a denomination?
Faith Community Church is a nondenominational church made up of families from all different denominations. From Pentecostal to Baptist to Methodists to Presbityrian, Faith Community has a little bit of everything. While the church itself is not affiliated with a denomination, we do have staff members licensed and ordained through denominations.

What do you have for my children and teenagers?
There are many opportunities for your children and teenagers to get involved at Faith Community.  On Sunday morning, children and babies are served with age appropriate worship opportunities, while teenagers and older children attend our corporate worship service. On Wednesday nights, teenagers from 6th grade to 12th grade have their own worship service in the youth room in the gym.

Where do I drop off my children on Sunday mornings?
Great question! Children from birth to 5th grade participate in our Faith Kids program. Check-in for 0-4 year olds is located in the main building, and check-in for 5-10 year olds is in our Kids Center. Upon entering the build our greeters can direct to the check-in desk that fit your child's age. All children receive a label and parents receive a corresponding label that is used for check out to ensure the safety of the children. Check out is at the same desk located in the lobby.

Who attends Faith Community?
There is a mixture of people at Faith Community in terms of age, race, gender, and socio-economic status. We love that so many different types of people come together to form the church and worship the Living and Powerful One as the Body and Bride of Christ.