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This year we are doing something new, so that we can see God do something new! Every day of 2022, at least two people will be fasting and praying together on behalf of Faith Community Church. We are inviting you to ask God, "What fast are you calling me to?"  If you are lead to fast for one day, one day a week, or several days in a row, we love it!

For anyone who is interested in joining us during this year-long fast, here are some thing we would like you to know! While we celebrate many different types of fasting that have biblical basis, this is a fast of abstaining from food for a period of 24 hours. The fast begins and ends at 6pm. If you have signed up for a date on the Prayer and Fasting Calendar, you would end your fast on the day you selected. 

Some things ONLY come from fasting and prayer. Let's seek God like never before because we are hungry to see him move like never before!

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